November 9, 2017


On October 25th, the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters released their Women In Manufacturing Summary Report.


The report provides an overview of the current situation of women in Canadian industry and identifies key issues that need addressing to move forward. It also points out that manufacturing needs to attract the brightest & most creative minds, in a time when polls have shown that a majority of Canadians think manufacturing will all but disappear from Canada.


“The growth of Canada’s working age population will be almost zero by 2020. For Canadian businesses, this means that recruiting and retaining qualified employees is going to become harder than it is already. In a context where skills and labour shortages already rank as the single biggest concern for Canadian manufacturers, taking action to ensure they have the workforce they need to expand is a vital necessity.”


At our Tri-Association Conference, Rhonda Barnet, Board Chair of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters discussed women’s experiences and career paths in manufacturing and how we attract more female talent to the sector.


CME Women In Manufacturing Summary Report.